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At our core, we are hoteliers.  We began this journey as owners and operators of both branded and independent hotels.  Over the past thirty years we have amassed a wealth of knowledge, resources and people.  Our hospitality side focuses on providing services to support the operators of the business.  We believe when the hotel is focused on owners, customers and employees that the business thrives.  CoHo’s management team takes a hand-on approach and works with our properties to ensure that key strategies are in place and that the team is focused on growing revenues.  We create an environment that allows operators to operate and owners to own.


The CoHo approach to revenue management begins with simplifying the playground. We believe in only looking at the relevant data sources and making decisions based on a property’s history and trending. 


 Let us help you better understand how to manage not only the day to day operations, but also develop customized systems for your property that will ensure long term growth and success.


Our approach to hotel operations is to integrate the best practices and policies that fit your hotels needs, objectives and staffing abilities. We customize our current ways of doing business with what you already have in place


We begin by asking the question “what information can we give you to allow you to better operate your business?”  Financial and decisions are made based on historical data, we work with your team to gather, record and analyze the right information to make a sound business decisions.


CoHo.Services tackles hotel sales & marketing with guerrilla force and strategic drive. Our hands on approach has been designed through tried and tested mechanisms in our own hotels for over twenty years.


We believe the core and strength of a company is established within its people and by creating a healthy and cohesive work environment for both the employees and the owners. Our philosophy is that Human Resources helps set the tone of the organization

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