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Our feet may be planted in Portland, Oregon but our heart has always been in hospitality. A family-owned business, COHO began with a single hotel and has since grown to become a leading regional hospitality company with ownership in both branded and independent hotels, hotel reservation/distribution technology, independent restaurants, boutique health clubs, wineries and more. Our management approach is based around three core groups of people: owners, employees and customers. We believe that all three must succeed equally in order for the whole to succeed.

Our hands-on philosophy means we work best when we are engaged. We strive to cultivate talent from within and believe businesses succeed when employees are empowered with knowledge. We support our properties by working with them to create a strategy, develop and execute efficient operating systems and maintain accountability through reporting. Our hospitality solutions work together to create long-term success for our owners and business partners.

Our Values & Guiding Principles

Our purpose is to serve. We are a family business rooted in the Pacific Northwest for over seventy years. We are dedicated to providing positive, unique experiences for our customers, owners and employees. We vow to provide the highest returns with simplicity and accountability. In all our efforts, we will live up to our values and guiding principles of our business philosophy.


We believe in the dynamic tension that exists between employees, customers, and owners.  The three are mutually dependent, and each seeks its own balance.  Employees deserve both a work life and a personal life; Guests/Members seek a delightful experience at a fair price; and Owners balance short-term and long-term viability.



Listening to each other is fundamental to success. We seek first to understand before being understood.  Some conversations are difficult, and others affirming and uplifting.  In every case, we ask questions, explore options, and communicate with integrity. We view feedback as vital to growth; both for people and the business.


Fluid Collaboration

We work as a collective to solve problems and create opportunities.  We seek solutions, and not someone to blame.  We have a commitment to raise our mutual contributions and allow you to be your best self.  Teams require mutual commitment and accountability.



Creativity and personal development arise from our curiosity.  We actively seek ways to evolve business solutions and satisfy customers.  We pledge to be a learner for life, and resist stagnation.  We know risk taking produces some mistakes, but learning from them and pressing on yields long-term accomplishments.  Curious people are agile and morph into what’s needed.



We care about people.  We honor diversity and the experiences that accompany unique perspectives.  While we work together to accomplish great things, and we don’t lose sight that each of us is an individual that needs a customized approach.  Taking care of each other is a responsibility we all share; and giving a pat on the back or extending a hand comes naturally because we do it often. 

Our Roots

A family owned business, CoHo’s roots began in the lumber industry. Still in operation, the family’s mill sits in the heart of the Columbia River Gorge. In the 1970s the family extended its assets into the real estate market and began acquiring hotels. The management company (formerly North Pacific Management) was founded to support the owners’ owned assets, which at the time included the Greenwood Inn, Heathman Hotel, Heathman Lodge, Radisson Hotel Portland Airport, Southpark SeafoodHudson’s Bar & Grill, Mountain Park Racquet Club and West Hills Racquet and Fitness.


Over the years CoHo has evolved into a full-service management company that owns and operates over fifteen properties across the Pacific Northwest. In 2012 CoHo further expanded into the world of online distribution. As a global partner for Sabre Hospitality Solutions, CoHo provides reservation services to over one hundred independent hotels.

Building Leaders

We believe great leaders are both born and made. We take tremendous pride in our team and make employee development a priority in our company. We encourage the next generation to take an active role in our businesses, and often call on them to help lead strategic focus groups. Our goal is to create a culture that works to support the growth and maturation of our employees, both professionally and personally. Good people who want to make a difference are at the core of our business. Our hope is to give them the opportunity to do so.

Giving Back

Life’s too short to live it just for yourself  — whether it’s our backyard or the world at large — our team members strive to make a difference. As a company our businesses continually support a variety of local organizations and non-profits  including OHSU, Caddies for Cure, Courts for Kids, American Cancer Society, Oregon Food Bank and more.

The Journey

Life begins when you let go. Our goal is to continue to provide value to our customers, our owners and our employees.

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