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Human Resources

We believe the strength of a company is within its people

We believe the core and strength of a company is established within its people and by creating a healthy and cohesive work environment for both the employees and the owners. Our philosophy is that Human Resources helps set the tone of the organization, through our hands on approach and proven risk management tactics we reinforce a successful balance that breeds long term benefits for the company.


Our HR professionals work with your key management team to understand the foundation of your business. We analyze policies and procedures, review training programs, assess employee paperwork, and determine what systems would work best to drive employee relations while dispelling any long term risks for the company. we work with your property to implement a foundation of HR systems to help manage all aspects of employee paperwork from new hire packets, employee benefits, worker’s comp and unemployment claims and conflict resolution training. Through periodic audits we ensure your property is maintaining legal compliance as it relates to employee and workplace relations.


Our number one goal is to protect the assets of the business while creating a healthy workplace environment for the people within the organization. With CoHoŸServices HR support we continue to nurture the property with ongoing HR trainings both in person and via group support webinars. Through property visits we maintain an ongoing relationship with your key management team and provide one on one coaching and support to help develop your team into strong leaders.


  • New hire packets.

  • Manage employee benefits.

  • Manage worker’s comp claims.

  • Access to HR forms and guidelines including job descriptions, employee handbooks, and more.

  • Manage unemployment claims.

  • Conflict resolution.

  • Manager/Supervisor training.

  • Health Care Reform monitoring and Implementation.

Add Ons:
  • One on one employee/manager coaching.

  • HR file audit and compliance review,

  • Leadership training and development.

  • Web Fire OSHA training.

  • Hiring assistance.


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