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ALERT: WA State Auditor's Office announces cyber security breach

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Updated Feb. 1, 2021

We were notified of a cyber security incident in the State Auditor’s Office (SAO) involving data that may have been stolen from their third-party vendor. While ESD’s systems have not been breached or hacked, the data with the SAO includes personal information for more than a million individuals who filed unemployment claims in 2020, as well as other information from some state agencies and local governments. In all, roughly 1.6 million claims are likely impacted.

We know this is extremely worrying news, but please do not call our claims center with questions. Because the information wasn’t stolen from ESD, we are supporting the SAO’s efforts to address this theft. Please use these resources from the SAO for more info and next steps:

In addition to using the resources above, claimants should continue to submit weekly claims.

Impact to phones

We do not intend to turn off incoming calls during this period. Unfortunately, if incoming calls surge too high it can clog the system and prevent anyone from getting through. Shutting off incoming calls will be a last resort option if call volumes get too high. If that happens, our agents will focus on outbound calling to claimants who have issues that need to be resolved on their claims. Again, we know this is extremely worrying news and we appreciate your understanding.

Check out the Help page on our website for tips and information that you may find useful.

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