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A Message To Our Employees

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

To all our employees (aka friends and family):

This is an unprecedented time in our history. The COVID-19 pandemic is having an impact on the health of our loved ones, the businesses we rely upon, the health of the global economy, and the way we live our daily lives. As we all continue to navigate through these unique and evolving challenges, we want you to know that the COHO team is here for you.

In our more than 40 years of business, we’ve weathered with you the storms of the dot com bust, 9/11, the 2008 financial crisis and the recession that followed, major weather events and wild fires that have touched all parts of the world, and government shutdowns — and throughout this shared journey we have worked to support and sustain our employees, our customers and our owners. As we address a pandemic that will no doubt become a chapter in the history books, our commitment to you will not waver.

Each week we’ll provide updates to this blog and on the ADP portal. These updates may include any changes made by government and health officials, changes to unemployment or benefits and updates on our businesses. Our goal is to get our team members back to work as quickly as possible - our entire team is working hard to make this happen.

REMEMBER: Check our FAQ page here for information on filing unemployment claims.


Washington State Employees: The following alert was issued on March 23, 2020.

ALERT: Standby auto-denial letters

If you are temporarily laid off work you should file for unemployment benefits and apply for standby status (full-time or part-time), you may receive an automated notice indicating your request is denied. Do not worry, that notice does not reflect the emergency rules which allow workers to request up to 12 weeks of standby. Employers will be notified of your application. Additionally, employers can request up to 12 weeks of standby for their workers.

We are in the process of updating our computer system. Once that is complete we will be reviewing all standby denials from March 8 forward to determine if they meet the new standby criteria. If your request is approved, you will receive another letter informing you of the approval. Continue to file weekly claims during this time. Do not call the claims center.


Congress is working on easier access to employee 401(k) accounts for penalty-free withdrawals up to $100,000. Employees can also self-certify that they meet the CARES (Coronavirus Aid, Relief & Economic Security) criteria to apply for a 401(k) withdrawal with no paperwork. Click here for more details


Currently Hudson’s Bar & Grill, Lakeside Bar & Grill, Southpark Seafood and Filberts Farmhouse Kitchen are open for To-Go, Curbside Pick-up and Delivery (in some locations). With limited staff and menu offerings we’re working hard to keep the doors open so we can get back to business. You can help by spreading the word to friends and family!

Have Trucker Friends? The Heathman Lodge/Hudson’s Bar & Grill , Radisson PDX/Lakeside and River Lodge & Grill have ample parking and are offering To-Go or delivery to our trucker friends. We’re also offering overnight and day-use shower packages too. We appreciate the service they provide and are here to help during this time.


Here are some positive notes from the field!

  • The Heathman Lodge continues to see short term overnight pick-up. Even though it’s a just few rooms people are still needing a place to stay.

  • No new cancellations for April reservations have come in for over (3) days at The Heathman Lodge!

  • The sales team at the Lodge booked over $50,000 in new catering/group business for future months in 2020.

  • Southpark Seafood is maintaining daily revenues with To-Go and delivery. To-Go Beer & Wine is helping with those numbers!

  • The management team did their best trying to clean rooms at the Heathman Lodge. Although we’re marginal according to Mariam everyone is pitching in to help during these times.

  • The Radisson sales team is getting creative and targeting market segments that are still traveling during this downturn. The Radisson is partnering with Traveling Nurse organizations and other branches of the medical field through CLC’s Emergency Lodging Assistance program. They are also actively recruiting business from all airline carriers and third parties including Atlantic Aviation and Boutique. The sales team has just booked $12,500 in future new group business.

  • Lakeside Bar and Grill has advertised to go food options to neighborhood business’s and are receiving food orders from guests at local hotels without a food and beverage outlet.

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