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If you have kids (or remember being a kid) then you likely can relate to the chaos that ensues every evening around dinner time. Before I became a mom, I remember thinking I was going to have kids that not only listened to everything I said, but ate whatever I cooked. Well that lasted, never. Seventeen years later I'm proud to say I have teenager whose diet consists of chicken noodle soup, rice and spam. Recently, I came across the term Salmagundi, which I learned was not only a food dish consisting of meats, veggies, spices and what-nots, but was also a saying used to describe a general mixture of stuff or a miscellaneous collection.

This weeks post is a bit of a Salmagundi. There's some of this and some of that. Don't worry for those still thinking about food, I've included my recipe for Hawaiian potato salad at the end. We'd love to see what your cooking during this time, share your favorite recipe in the comments or thru the contact form and we'll post it to share with all our COHO employees.


  • Last week our 401(k) partner, Fidelity, informed us they were ready to accept 401(k) withdrawals and loans under the new CARES Act guidelines. See the resources pages for complete information:

  • The longer this goes, the more people may feel isolated or losing their positivity. Remember CoHo has an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) for its employees. It’s free, and the number is 800-433-2320. Or you can utilize the website at

  • Even though you may have filed your unemployment claim, remember you need to file each week to continue your benefits.

  • Keep checking the Resource Links web page as we post updates on here throughout the week (between blog posts). There are some great articles from stress relief to financial relief.

  • While many states in the South and East Coast are still struggling, Washington and Oregon seem to rebounding nicely. Keep up your social distancing so that we can open our businesses as soon as possible. We can hardly wait to see all our friends and colleagues as soon as possible. Take Care.


For anyone that grew up on the islands, you know that most recipes are from memory, there is no unit of measurement. We measured with our hands which included using our index finger to determine the right amount of water to rice ratio in the cooker.

What you'll need:

  • Potatoes (the brown kind, don't substitute with yellow or red or purple, there is no need to be fancy here just get a bag of potatoes, peel them, cut them boil them, done)

  • Best Foods Mayo (regular, no lite, no olive oil and definitely NO MIRACLE WHIP. Also don't try to be cheap and get the store brand it has to be Best Foods)

  • Yellow Mustard (again regular yellow mustard nothing fancy)

  • Flake crab meat (yes the fake stuff, here. If you haven't noticed the pattern nothing fancy)

  • Dozen eggs (hard boiled then sliced)

  • Sliced black olives

  • Salt & Pepper and really whatever you want (salmagundi)

What you'll do:

  1. Boil potatoes and eggs (you can boil them together if you want). Let them cool before mixing everything else. Potatoes should be soft enough to stick a fork in them, but not too soft that they become mashed potatoes.

  2. When potatoes are cool (ish) cut into small pieces you can criss-cross two knives in the bowl. You just want them small enough to make it easy to stir.

  3. Add mayo to the cooled potatoes. A lot of mayo. When you think you've added enough add more.

  4. Add a few squirts of mustard

  5. Add olives

  6. Add crab

  7. Add eggs (all 12 of them)

  8. Add spices

  9. Stir

  10. Chill & serve with a plateful of rice

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